Monday, December 5, 2011

I Cut My Own Hair Again. Not Frightening. #LOL

Even the first time I cut my hair, it didn't come out this bad.
Sunday, I cut my own hair again. And it didn't come out frightening. LOL. Seriously, it's not bad. I can't say the same for attempts in the past. There have been a couple times I wish I was in a better state of mind when I decided to take to my hair with cutting implements. Nowadays, the buzz clippers make the job easier.

This is the second time I cut my hair with the buzz clippers. The first time, a couple weeks ago, went relatively well. But there were strays and I didn't do a good job around the ears.

Sunday, I attacked the patch or two that seemed to have been missed, fixed my neckline, to a degree, and got the shaggy overlaps above my ears. Now, I think I look reasonable.

I couldn't say that the very first time I cut my hair. I was in high school. And I tried to do it with scissors. If this thought crosses your mind, immediately leave the house and spend $10 at a cheap hair cut place. You WILL regret every snip you take on your own.

When I attacked my head with scissors, I was laughing. May have been something I burned earlier in the evening that caused me to find this so humorous. But I did it.

After the hacking, I found that I had an airline runway down the center of my head, a parking lot in the back and I looked like a mess. I called up a girl I had a crush on and said, "Can you fix my head?" She obliged. But my hair was extremely short for the era. In the 1970's we all had longer hair. After the repairs, I looked like I was headed to the military. Not a good thing in those days.

Now, I think I have this science down. Buzz cut. No other way to do it. It takes a while because you can't see your head, so you have to go over and over and over it from different directions; but it works.

Yes, I cut my own hair again. And it was not frightening.


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