Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Blog Content Is Moving to www.RogerBlazic.com

You can find everything at www.RogerBlazic.com
After polling some of my regular readers, I came to a decision to move the contents of this blog to my main blog www.RogerBlazic.com and discontinue putting content on this blog. I found it too cumbersome to maintain two blogs and spend time marketing for two blogs. This will make things easier. So, this blog content is moving to www.RogerBlazic.com over the next week or so.

This blog will not be shut down, I'm just going to copy some of the better posts to my main blog and move the whole All My Donuts Internet soap opera series to the main blog. Now, you won't have to jump around. Everything will be in one place, once this blog content is moved to www.RogerBlazic.com.

I hope this makes following my madness easier. Thanks for your support.

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