Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roger Blazic Is Limited To 2 Hours Of Computer Time A Day - Arrrrrrgh!!!

Selecting a computer at the library.
When I had my laptop, I could be writing, researching, surfing, marketing and making friends for 20 or 30 hours straight - take a long break, rinse and repeat. Now... Roger Blazic is limited to 2 hours of computer time a day at the public library; and if you're lucky, they're consecutive.

Most bloggers fail because they think they can putz around for a couple hours a week and they'll make a forturne. HA!

I would spend every waking hour I could a day on my blog. Either writing, researching or marketing it.

Of course, I'm unemployed, can't get a job, have multiple mental illnesses, strange sleeping habits and a great smile. I have the time, energy and creativity to pull off being a big time blogger. But it takes lots of hard work and time. I had the work element down. But I've been impatient about the time.

Blogging, though, was the only thing that helped me out of my depression. I miss my daughter (she's in Las Vegas, I'm in Cleveland), I hate the storage shed I live in, I hate that I have to rely on charity and food stamps. I've never been this bad off. But losing the laptop is like stealing all of Lance Armstrong's bikes. He ain't winnin' no Tour de Shit without them.

I can't get done what I need to do at the library for 2 hours a day. Plus, the library blocks a lot of operations and downloadable programs that I use.

My time is just about up. Time to start shutting it all down. Time. Not enough. That's because Roger Blazic is limited to 2 hours of computer time a day at the public library.


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