Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome To The Life And Times Of Roger Blazic

Cruising with another Blogger blog.
For the past three months, I've worked day and night, seven days a week, trying to build up my main blog www.RogerBlazic.com. Everything was going GREAT. Blog page views were skyrocketing - 60,000+ in 90 days. My blog, based on http://www.alexa.com/ traffic ranking passed up over 2 MILLION sites last month. I cracked the 500,000 level in terms of top website in the U.S. Two hours later, my Apple laptop cooked itself. It's six years old. Apple does not provide parts for machines over five years old. So, I'm dead. The amount of work it takes to go into most of my blog posts I cannot accomplish with two hours of library computer time. So, I'm starting a blog that is part journal and an easy way to keep you abreast of what is going on in the world around me. Yes.. Welcome to The Life And Times Of Roger Blazic.

This blog is going to be more personal. You'll see photos of places I lived or places I've been. Diary, memoir, journal, etc. - all wrapped into one.

Someday, I won't be here. But the Internet will be and I want my daughter, family and friends to have a place to go to see who I was and what I tried to do during my time on earth. It's been a rough ride. However, it's been a wild and adventurous ride, too. There is NEVER a dull moment in my world. Every day, there are amazing stories to tell. I'll never be able to write them all in five lifetimes.

While www.RogerBlazic.com is down until I get a new computer, this is where we can catch up.

I need a new computer, specifically a MacBook. It's the right tool for the work I do on the Internet and it will be a blessed means to connect with my daughter, who lives 2,300 miles from me. Every time we get a rare chance to Skype, it's like Christmas for both of us. I want Christmas a bit more often than twice a month. I'm doing the best I can being a long distance parent. Please donate if you can. Just a buck from 1,200 of the 30,000 visitors that have come here since I started blogging again on March 7th, 2011 would do it. The DONATE button is on the upper right of www.RogerBlazic.com .

Now, I have to do some setup on The Life And Times Of Roger Blazic before my library computer time is up.

More to come. Thanks.

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