Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Blog Content Is Moving to www.RogerBlazic.com

You can find everything at www.RogerBlazic.com
After polling some of my regular readers, I came to a decision to move the contents of this blog to my main blog www.RogerBlazic.com and discontinue putting content on this blog. I found it too cumbersome to maintain two blogs and spend time marketing for two blogs. This will make things easier. So, this blog content is moving to www.RogerBlazic.com over the next week or so.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chuck Buys A Thing - an ALL MY DONUTS film

Chuck bought this thing.
There aren't many things I want in life. Some people have a lot of things. They have things here and they have things in other places. They carry things and some things they have stored. Today, my good friend Chuck bought a thing. Not sure what it is for. But he has a new thing. We tried to get the thing to work. But there was one thing we forgot. We had to make a movie out of it. Chuck Buys A Thing - an ALL MY DONUTS film.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Moving The Mentally Ill - Like Herding Cats - All My Donuts

Just call me the cat herder. I was fascinated.
Helping others is part of my makeup. If someone needs a hand, I'm more than willing to pitch in. A friend of mine, Don (not his real name), had been helping Al (not his real name) move to a new apartment. Don lost his cool with Al and asked I'd take over to finish the job the next day. On Thursday, I found out that moving the mentally ill is like herding cats. This is another All My Donuts story.

STATS MAN Learns PowerPoint - An All My Donuts Film

STATS MAN gets computerized.
Part of our current economy is worker retraining. Learning new approaches, learning new skills, becoming more computer proficient are all part of what it takes to get employed and stay employed in this market. One of my All My Donuts characters, STATS MAN, just got a new position and he may be required to use PowerPoint. Until today, he was as proficient at sky-diving or flying the Space Shuttle as he was at Microsoft's presentation software. Today, STATS MAN learns PowerPoint. 

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